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New Orleans EMS Deploys 125 LUCAS Devices for Mardi Gras



New Orleans Emergency Medical Services and the City of New Orleans have partnered with Stryker to provide a comprehensive package of lifesaving tools to protect its residents and visitors. The city procured the new LUCAS® 3, v3.1 chest compression systems, LIFEPAK® 15 monitor/defibrillators, McGRATH® MAC EMS video laryngoscopes and LIFEPAK CR2 AEDs for the City of New Orleans. While New Orleans EMS currently utilizes LIFEPAK monitors/defibrillators and LUCAS devices, this procurement will replace current LUCAS devices with new ones and provide additional units for every fire engine, ambulance and rescue vehicle. This procurement will increase the number of LUCAS devices throughout the City of New Orleans by 500%, deploying 84 LUCAS devices to New Orleans EMS and 41 devices to NOFD. “This is the single largest LUCAS deployment in the United States to date,” says Carl Flores, Chief of New Orleans Emergency Medical Service.


The LUCAS device delivers high-performance, continuous chest compressions with less strain and risk for the caregiver, shown by research to increase the chances of good patient outcomes. As one of the earliest adopters of the LUCAS device, New Orleans EMS has experienced results of better patient outcomes with its usage. The LUCAS device allows NOEMS professionals to concentrate on patient care and lifesaving intervention for patients in cardiac arrest.


Additionally, NOEMS will be receiving 37 new LIFEPAK 15 monitors/defibrillators (For a total of 97+ units), 85 McGRATH MAC EMS video laryngoscopes and 97 PC Gateway modems, which allow NOEMS to directly transmit EKGs from the field to receiving hospitals and cath labs of patients experiencing ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), also commonly known as heart attack. Finally, because it’s been found that many public buildings do not have AEDs, the department will acquire 175 new LIFEPAK CR2 AEDs to distribute throughout New Orleans. “This innovative procurement allows the City of New Orleans to gain the equipment the first responders require to meet the needs of the community,” states Chief Flores.


The LUCAS, LIFEPAK 15 and LIFEPAK CR2 devices can transmit vital data, via Wi-Fi, reducing delays in treatment and improving care across the lifesaving system. This feature will also benefit future NOEMS education and training initiatives. Because of the critical nature of this equipment, NOEMS has also implemented a 10-year service contract with Stryker that will keep this equipment sustained and eligible for upgrades when available. “This contract assures that the city will maintain resiliency from technological improvements as software upgrades and scheduled hardware upgrades have been included in the terms at no extra cost,” claims Chief Flores. “It essentially future-proofs us to assure our team has the most up-to-date equipment when they are ready.”


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