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ZOLL Honored 18 Consecutive Years for Customer Satisfaction


ZOLL® Medical Corporation, an Asahi Kasei Group Company that manufactures medical devices and related software solutions, announced today that it has received the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award℠ for “world class” excellence in customer satisfaction related to technical support for the 18th consecutive year. ZOLL is the only company to have achieved this 18-year distinction.

Since 2000, the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award has been presented annually by the Customer Relationship Management Institute LLC (CRMI), Chelmsford, Mass., to companies that, as rated solely by their own customers, have achieved excellence in customer satisfaction during the prior calendar year. CRMI is an expert in customer experience management (CEM) strategy and helps companies boost revenue and profits by consistently exceeding customer expectations for service quality.

“The NorthFace ScoreBoard Award recognizes organizations that not only offer exemplary customer service but also center their existence on a deep commitment to exceeding customer expectations,” said John Alexander Maraganis, President and CEO of CRMI. “ZOLL continues to excel in this area, demonstrated by the fact that it has achieved this award for 18 consecutive years.”

“It is of utmost importance to ZOLL that our customer satisfaction levels remain high since our customers are in the business of saving lives,” said Jonathan A. Rennert, CEO of ZOLL. “This recognition clearly demonstrates the importance we place on technical support and customer service as we develop products that help advance the practices of resuscitation and acute critical care.”

“Due to its unique ‘customer-only vote’ criteria, the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award has been viewed from its inception as the only objective benchmark for excellence in customer service,” Maraganis said. “CRMI defines exceptional customer loyalty as customers who continuously purchase from the same company—even though other choices may offer significantly better pricing—because the company consistently exceeds its customers’ expectations.”

“In 2018, more than 310 projects, many international in scope, were judged from scores of companies based in the U.S. and abroad,” explained Maraganis. “Statistics that contributed to ZOLL receiving the award included a strong network of over 2,000 customers, a user base of 11 million worldwide, a customer renewal rate of more than 90%, and a customer support satisfaction rate of more than 93%.”

Methodology for Measurement

CRMI’s methodology measures customer satisfaction and loyalty levels on a five-point scale (or equivalent) at least four times during the year in such categories as technical support, field service, customer service, and account management. The 32 NorthFace ScoreBoard Award recipients are companies which, based solely on survey responses from their own customers, achieved a 4.0 or above out of a possible 5.

CRMI’s research indicates that companies that consistently achieve a 4.0 rating or above have reached the “Loyalty Zone.” This means they have succeeded in locking in profitable, long-term customer relationships, and this significantly raises the bar for their competitors.


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