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Ga. EMS Providers Awarded for Saving First Responder's Life



Dade County and Puckett EMS employees received the Richard Gray MD Excellence in Trauma Care Award and the Educator of the Year Award at the Northwest Georgia Region I EMS Council banquet on March 14.  


“Our team members and community partners do award-winning work every day that often goes unrecognized,” said Puckett EMS Vice President of Operations Will Pitt, who nominated his team members for this award. “I'm honored to be part of such an incredible team of people and assist in appreciating the great work of our EMS personnel and partners.”


The Excellence in Trauma Award recognized Dade County and Puckett EMS field personnel involved in the lifesaving effort, including employees Alex Case, Kyle Gross, Cody Doyle, Tim Sharp and Alex Davis. On August 7, 2018, the team from Dade County and Puckett EMS was involved in saving the life of a fellow first responder, Dade County Sheriff’s Deputy Tommy Bradford, who was critically injured in the line of duty. While apprehending a suspect, Bradford’s leg was amputated when struck by a fleeing suspect’s car.


With a traumatic injury of this magnitude, coordination with first responders, ground and air transport was critical. Dade County Sheriff’s Officers at the scene applied makeshift tourniquets. First responders from Dade EMS arrived first on the scene and provided life-saving stabilization while ground ambulance arrived. Puckett EMS prepared Bradford for transport and rendezvoused at the landing zone with Erlanger LifeForce for transportation to Erlanger Medical Center.


Erlanger Trauma Services noted during his treatment, Bradford did not experience many of the negative side effects often expected in a patient with his injury thanks to the fast bleeding control and volume resuscitation provided by the emergency responders in this case.


“The initial responders on this scene demonstrated the importance of scene leadership in this chaotic situation involving someone they knew personally,” said Pitt. “The emergency and health care system operated at full capacity allowing Major Bradford to not only survive, but to return to his home and friends with the best quality of life possible. Erlanger has used this case study as an example to demonstrate to regional emergency responders of the importance of early bleeding control/intervention in positive outcomes of major traumas patients.”


Puckett EMS Director of Education Daniel Lynn was also recognized as the Educator of the Year by the Region I EMS Council. Lynn oversees all initial and continuing educational programs for Puckett EMS’ Northwest Georgia and Southeast Tennessee areas.


“The education of our EMS personnel is the foundation of everything that we do,” said Pitt. “Our people are our greatest resources, and Daniel ensures that every Puckett employee has every resource they need to handle any medical emergency in the field. I was proud to nominate him for this award.”


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