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Emergency Reporting, Aladtec Announce Roster Integration


Emergency Reporting (ER), a cloud-based reporting and records management software for fire and EMS agencies, announced a new integration with Aladtec, a scheduling and workforce management software for public safety agencies. With this integration, Aladtec schedules will automatically feed into Emergency Reporting Daily Rosters, eliminating the mundane, error-prone time fire and EMS personnel spend duplicating roster data. 

Fire and EMS agencies use Aladtec to streamline schedule processes, including complex rotations, trades, sign-ups, and time off, and when the schedule changes as a result, with this new integration, Aladtec will seamlessly update Emergency Reporting’s Daily Roster. Aladtec, a cloud-based online system, is available 24/7/365 from any computer or mobile device via the internet. 

“The Emergency Reporting platform is developed for first responders in the fire and EMS service. We offer integrations with multiple companies to help make our customers’ lives easier. Aladtec is our newest addition to the partner community, and we are happy to be able to serve our mutual customers even better with this integration,” stated Dave Adams, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder of Emergency Reporting. 

“The efficiency improvements with this new integration are substantial," stated Dave Feyereisen, president and founder of Aladtec Inc. "Like Emergency Reporting, Aladtec is dedicated to the concept of interoperability. We intend to integrate Aladtec with a wide spectrum of applications, but when it came to decide which to build first, the choice was easy—Emergency Reporting." 

For more information on the roster integration between Emergency Reporting and Aladtec, visit 

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