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TCAD Paramedics Deploy Resources for Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf

Apr. 24—TCAD Paramedics is providing emergency medical service to the Bass Pro Shops Legends of Golf at Big Cedar Lodge. During the week-long PGA Champions tournament, TCAD Paramedics will log nearly 600 duty hours protecting players and spectators. Paramedics will be located at both golf courses throughout the tournament. 


Golf courses can provide logistical problems for emergency services due to lack of access and the remoteness of some locations. TCAD Paramedics will use ambulances, specially equipped ATVs, first aid stations, Mobile Medical Unit (mobile field hospital / command center), and paramedics on foot to adequately cover the tournament.


Last year, TCAD Paramedics responded to request for first aid care and several medical emergencies during the tournament. First aid stations staffed by TCAD Paramedics will be located on each course. These first aid stations can provide basic first aid care to ill or injured players or spectators. In the event of a life threatening medical emergency paramedics will transport the victim to the most appropriate hospital for further medical evaluation and care.


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