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Miss. EMS Agency Launches New Dispatch Technology


LifeCare EMS, the 911 ambulance transport provider for six counties in central Mississippi, has made an investment in the technology it uses to respond to emergencies and record the care provided to patients in Leake, Winston, Newton, Scott, Noxubee and Kemper counties.

LifeCare EMS has upgraded its technologies to include computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and electronic patient records systems as well as monitoring tools to drive performance.

“When PatientCare Logistics Solutions acquired LifeCare EMS in late 2018 we promised investments to central Mississippi, and quickly identified new technologies that can help us be more efficient and effective in providing compassionate patient care,” said Jerry Johnston, chief operating officer of LifeCare EMS. “We’re bringing one of the most advanced technologies in the emergency medical services industry to the communities we serve.”

The $100,000 annual investment in technology and training will help LifeCare EMS’ dispatch center and emergency response teams to communicate necessary, life-saving information in real time. It also allows for better tracking and reporting, making it easier to measure the organization’s performance for the communities it serves.

CAD systems streamline the intake of emergency calls and dispatch to efficiently deploy ambulances to emergencies by providing detailed mapping through GPS tracking and dispatch notes. For example, emergency dispatchers will be able to mark certain roads as impassable due to construction or planned road closures for parades and events or unexpected closures like flash flooding that can happen in the area. This new feature allows for a more efficient response to emergency calls.

In conjunction with the new CAD, mobile data terminals have been installed in LifeCare EMS’ 20 ambulances. Medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics use the terminals to view detailed mapping of their routes and easily communicate with the dispatch center. The terminals are also connected to LifeCare EMS’ new electronic patient care records system, the ZOLL ePCR platform.

LifeCare EMS has also added Fleet Complete, a system to monitor driving performance in its ambulances. This application provides real-time feedback on unsafe driving actions thereby alerting drivers to immediately modify their behavior. The system also records such actions, so management can address issues and provide re-training if necessary. The system will help reinforce LifeCare EMS’ culture of safe driving.

LifeCare EMS implemented the technologies in its headquarters and in Leake, Winston, Noxubee and Kemper counties in May 2019. It will work with EMA and public safety communications directors in Newton and Scott counties for an anticipated June roll out in those counties.

These investments underscore LifeCare EMS’ commitment to providing the highest level of care to patients and to continuously improving service in the communities they serve.

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