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NYCEM Features EMT William Marchese on EMS Recognition Day


May 24—During emergencies, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) practitioners are often on the frontlines to provide life-saving medical services. EMS Recognition Day, Friday, May 24, celebrates the dedication of EMS personnel throughout the country. EMS Recognition Day is part of National EMS Week, which promotes education and safety through daily themes including EMS Education, Safety Tuesday, EMS for Children, and Stop the Bleed. This year marks the 45th annual week of commemoration. 

In honor of EMS Recognition Day, New York City Emergency Management is highlighting Emergency Medical Technician and NYC Emergency Management Watch Commander William Marchese.

Marchese began his EMT career in 1997 during his senior year at Xaverian High School in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. He then joined a local volunteer ambulance service that was associated with the school.  

“I initially decided to join a volunteer ambulance service because it provided an opportunity to assist those in need as well as gain valuable experience,” Marchese said. “The volunteer service eventually led to me becoming certified as an emergency medical technician.”

After becoming certified, Marchese joined the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) EMS Bureau in 2000. As an EMT, Marchese responded to dozens of emergencies including the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. In 2003, Marchese joined the FDNY EMS HAZ-TAC team. HAZ-TAC teams perform patient care and decontamination in an environment where hazard materials are exposed. In this role, he responded to the 2007 Deutsche Bank fire in New York City, where he assisted with patient decontamination.

In 2014, Marchese was detailed to NYC Emergency Management. NYC Emergency Management is a coordinating agency responsible for citywide emergency planning and response for the various emergencies that can affect New York City. More than 200 dedicated professionals with diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise staff the agency, including individuals assigned from other City agencies. There are currently 11 active EMS members at the agency. As a watch commander, Marchese monitors incidents throughout the city.

“I decided to join New York City Emergency Management to gain experience in the management component of an emergency,” Marchese said. “As an EMT you’re working alongside FDNY and NYPD personnel during different types of emergencies. Having an understanding of the operational capacity of first responders gives me an advantage in my ability to identify and access emergencies.”

Although Marchese works full-time at NYC Emergency Management, his passion for EMS work persists. He continues to work as a part-time EMT for NYU Langone Medical Center.  

“I like to believe I am in a unique position as both a first responder and emergency manager,” Marchese said. “Every day I continue to learn new things in each of my roles that improve the way I do my job.”

Marchese hopes that National EMS Week provides the public with a better understanding and appreciation of the commitment of EMS personnel.

“EMS members are a critical part of emergency response. Whether it is a municipal, hospital, private, or volunteer service the physical and psychological demanding tasks that the crews encounter on a daily basis can often go unnoticed,” he said. “During National EMS Week, the public gets a chance to learn about the crucial role EMS personnel play during emergencies. It also offers an opportunity to highlight the hard work and dedication of EMTs and paramedics nationwide.”

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