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Patient Care

EM Innovations Introduces New Handheld Suction Device


Affordable, effective and simple to use, SEADUC™ provides instant readiness for resuscitation. 

The combination of the Suction Easy™ unit and SSCOR DuCanto Catheter® is intended to enable the performance of the SALAD technique with a disposable emergency suction unit without a battery operated suction unit, or the central suction system of an ambulance or hospital. SEADUC effectively removes vomit, blood and other materials, while the practitioner manages the patient’s airway with basic or advanced life support procedures, such as an oral airway, or tracheal intubation. 

SEADUC’s compact packaging and ruggedness is perfect for emergency suction for both urban and rural rescue operations, as well as those inside rescue vehicles, aircraft and confined space rescue. When the portable electronic suction or central suction system of an ambulance is not available, the SEADUC will deliver rapid airway decontamination. With SEADUC there is no reason not to have suction available! 

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