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Disaster Management Systems Offers Blast Injury Training Kit


July 26—Disaster Management Systems, Inc., a supplier of disaster preparedness solutions, today announced the availability of a new tabletop training kit designed to acquaint first responders with unique injury types commonly found in blast environments.

"In keeping with our commitment to design products for today's threats, we developed this kit to fill the training-gap relative to mass casualty management of patients impacted by explosions," said Jeff Lengyel, Product Manager at DMS.

The kit includes 32 oversized victim cards with injuries commonly found in shrapnel and overpressure incidents involving blasts. In addition to initial S.T.A.R.T. triage symptoms, the victim cards also include symptoms for secondary assessments to be performed once the victims have been littered into the treatment area. The kit also includes tabletop-sized treatment area tarps, triage training tags and triage receipt holders, allowing tabletop drills the realism of a full-scale drill. The kit also includes lanyards that allow the victim cards to be worn by moulage victims in live drills.

A blast-refresher booklet is included that provides a breakdown of the mechanism and common injury characteristics found in blast-related incidents.  An evaluator guide is also included that shows the proper triage outcomes of each victim.

The product video is available to view online at:

The Kit is available online for $149.99. The 32 victim card deck may also be purchased separately for $41.99.
Both options are available online at:

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