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ImageTrend Introduces Historical EKGs, Outcome Notifications


August 29—ImageTrend, Inc. announced two new features on the company’s Elite ePCR solution: historical EKG images for repeat patients and hospital outcome notifications. These new features complement the ImageTrend Elite solution for EMS, fire and critical care documentation and integrated reporting and analysis tools.

The historical EKG image feature allows the pre-hospital care provider to view the current image and compare it to historical images from previous encounters with that patient. This makes it possible for the provider to note relevant differences indicating a cardiac event.

“One of the first procedures done in an emergency room for a patient presenting with possible cardiac event is obtaining a new 12-lead EKG and comparing it to historical references,” explained Nick Spring, Product Manager for ImageTrend Elite. “Bringing this technology to a prehospital setting will help clinical decision making and devising the best treatment en route to the hospital.”

While patient outcomes were previously available with Elite, the new outcome notifications feature will let providers know of hospital outcomes within their Elite Field inbox. By providing a venue so providers can compare their working impressions, interventions and assessments to patient outcomes, they will not only strengthen diagnosis skills, but will also enhance and develop their assessments and treatment proficiency. This new enhancement is key to promote professional growth and improving patient outcomes.

“Having hospital outcome notifications and those results both available directly within Elite strengthens our commitment to CQI, research and provider closure,” commented Michael Patock, Vice President of Product Management.

The new features were both part of the June 2019 release of ImageTrend Elite and were highlighted during the company’s annual ImageTrend Connect conference in July. The features were available to hosted clients without requiring any new installations or system upgrades for a seamless experience. For more information about the software, visit

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