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AMR Deploys Spirit Medical Transport Crew for Hurricane Dorian


As a network provider under American Medical Response’s contract with FEMA, Spirit Medical Transport, LLC, is responding to the request to aid in anticipation of Hurricane Dorian. Spirit has sent four EMS personnel and two ambulances along with additional medical supplies. They anticipate the crews will be on a 7-14-day activation, but that can change as the situation evolves. The crews will stay in the area as long as needed. When the crews arrive at their assigned area, they will be working under the guidance of FEMA, state and local EMS agencies.

“As part of the EMS family, we’re honored to be able to provide assistance when our communities need it most,” said Spirit President/CEO Brian K. Hathaway. “It is important to know that sending these resources does not affect our ability to provide timely medical response for all the communities we serve.”

AMR is FEMA’s prime emergency medical service response provider and has a national agreement with FEMA to provide ground ambulance, air ambulance, paratransit services and non-ambulance EMS personnel to supplement the Federal and Military response to a disaster, an act of terrorism or any other public health emergency.

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