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N.H. Passes Line of Duty Death Benefit for EMS Providers


The Department of Safety (DOS) has announced that Governor Sununu signed House Bill 224 into law, which will extend the state $100,000 line of duty death benefit to more New Hampshire Emergency Medical Service providers.

This bill, sponsored by Representative Mark Proulx, currently covering firefighters and law enforcement officers, extends the benefit to emergency medical providers and search and rescue team members previously unprotected. Such as, volunteers, non-profit ambulance service personnel, and emergency responders employed by private ambulance services acting on behalf of communities through a contract.

According to Director Deborah Pendergast of the Division of Fire Standards and Training and Emergency Medical Services, of the Department of Safety, “There has been a collaborative effort over the past few years by many in the state to make this benefit a reality. We are thankful for Representative Mark Proulx, the legislature, and all the stakeholders. This begins to close a gap in protection for our first responders, volunteers, and search and rescue members and helps support families through a loss no one ever wants to experience.”

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