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REV Ambulance Group Introduces New Seat Belt at EMS World Expo


Oct. 2—REV Ambulance Group will showcase Per4Max, a new seat belt system, in all its ambulances at EMS World Expo 2019, including AEV, Horton, McCoy Miller, Road Rescue and Wheeled Coach. Designed by IMMI, Per4Max is the new seat belt technology with four-point restraints which allows emergency responders the flexibility to do their jobs while buckled in. To demonstrate firsthand how the seat belt allows freedom of movement, EMS World Expo attendees are invited to take part in the Per4Max Challenge at REV Ambulance Group’s booth #1301 from October 16th to 18th. In addition, cast members from A&E’s Nightwatch Nation and FOX’s First Responders Live will be making appearances at REV Ambulance Group’s booth during the show.

Per4Max, an EMS World Innovation Award 2019 finalist, has Controlled Decelerator technology built into each belt with special webbing that absorbs energy during a crash. This technology, unique to the Per4Max system, has the potential to significantly reduce the force that the body incurs during a collision, lowering the risk of serious head, neck and chest injuries. It also allows emergency providers ease and flexibility in delivering care to their patients.

Comprising a shoulder and waist belt on each side of the body, the system meets at a single buckle, which connects low across the provider’s hips. This single buckle allows the system to be secured quickly, compared to a traditional six-point system. The belts are all expandable and retractable, accommodating a variety of body types and movements necessary.

“According to NHTSA, 84% of EMS providers do not wear a seat belt because it interferes with their ability to do their job delivering patient care,” said Anoop Prakash, Ambulance Group President, REV Group. “We are committed to being at the forefront of innovation, as well as ensuring the safety of emergency responders.”

REV Ambulance Group has partnered with IMMI to be the exclusive ambulance manufacturers with Per4Max technology.  IMMI tested the Per4Max system thoroughly in front-end, side-impact, and rollover collisions. In all tests, the Per4Max system kept providers securely restrained in their seats.

The Per4Max Challenge will run:

  • Wednesday, October 16th – 11am to 4:30pm
  • Thursday, October 17th – 11am to 4:30pm
  • Friday, October 18th – 10am to 1pm

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