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Mass. Fire Department Adopts Handtevy System for Pediatric Care


The Hanover Fire Department has concluded a project to upgrade their pediatric emergency medical response with the incorporation of the Handtevy Pediatric Standards. Hanover Fire joins only a handful of fire departments in the area currently using the Handtevy System. The addition of Handtevy is the latest example of the Fire Department’s drive to remain progressive and “ahead of the curve” in the delivery of emergency services.

The Handtevy Pediatric Standards will ensure that the highest quality of care is delivered by Hanover Firefighters to children in the community. Traditional emergency protocols require complex and generalized length-based algorithms to calculate medication dosages. The calculation of pediatric dosing, especially in emergency situations with very small doses can be challenging and stressful. Handtevy is an age-based pediatric resuscitation system that will help Hanover firefighters determine how much medication a child needs in an emergency based simply on age and weight.

The system uses a mobile application that has been customized to Hanover Fire. Design is based on pre-existing statewide treatment protocols in conjunction with medication dosing and concentrations currently carried in Hanover ambulances. The application has been installed on smart phones and dedicated iPads in all department ambulances. Firefighters can access critical treatment information while responding to the call and when on-scene simply by plugging in the patient's age. The system then gives appropriate medication dosages and equipment sizes based on the situation. 

The project has taken nearly six months to complete. The department worked with Handtevy to customize the system. Three members of the department attended an intensive instructor certification course in August and over the past month; all Hanover firefighters have completed an in-house Provider Certification Program sanctioned by Handtevy. iPads were installed in department ambulances and equipment and supplies were upgraded and updated to reflect the new treatment model. 

The Hanover Fire Department will go live with the Handtevy Pediatric Standards System during the first week of October.

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