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New Tech Could Prevent Adverse Reactions to Meds in Patients


October 17—DrFirst, a provider of e-prescribing, patient medication management, and price transparency solutions, expanded its partnership with King’s Daughters Medical Center (KDMC) by equipping its paramedics with in-the-field access to Backline® secure messaging and medication history, speeding time to treatment. 

A 99-bed community hospital in Brookhaven, Miss., KDMC owns and manages its emergency medical services and transportation. With Backline, KDMC paramedics responding to 911 calls can access patient information and communicate with the hospital by secure texting in a way that protects patient privacy and eases collaboration among healthcare team members, even in hectic emergency rooms.

Backline allows KDMC paramedics to scan barcodes on the back of patients’ driver’s licenses and access medication histories for the last six months. Having this critical information in the field—even if patients are unconscious or unable to remember their home meds—helps paramedics avoid dangerous medication reactions.

“Protecting patient safety and providing the best care for our patients are our most important goals,” said Lee Robbins, director of emergency medical services at KDMC. “That is why our paramedics are thrilled to have access to patients’ medication history and secure texting with the hospital. These capabilities help them deliver higher-quality, safer care in the field and ensure that the hospital medical team has the information they need to quickly and safely care for their patients.” Backline’s secure communications comply with all HIPAA, HiTech Act, and Joint Commission requirements.

The software also results in faster care for emergency patients once they reach the hospital. Using Backline, paramedics can relay critical information to the ER while the ambulance is en route, significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to create patient charts and order tests when the patient arrives. KDMC notes that using Backline helps it process orders for computed tomography (CT) scans and electrocardiograms more quickly. Order times for tests are part of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ quality measures and are reported on regularly.

“For paramedics, every second is crucial,” said Nick Smith, nurse manager in KDMC’s Emergency Department. “With Backline, our paramedics can safely and securely share data and medical information with our hospital healthcare team. It helps them deliver faster, safer care for our patients upon arrival.”

According to G. Cameron Deemer, president of DrFirst, “By providing Backline mobile technology to its paramedics, KDMC is embracing the future of healthcare so that its paramedics and emergency department clinicians can provide the best care for their patients.”

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the press release above belong solely to the company/vendor/author and do not necessarily reflect those of EMS World or HMP.


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