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ORBCOMM Announces Effort to Help Reduce Ambulance Crashes


To help reduce the staggering 6,500 ambulance crashes every year, ORBCOMM, a provider of fleet management and driver-mentoring solutions, is bringing advanced technology and data-capturing tools to EMS agencies. The company will be presenting on driver safety solutions at the 2019 American Ambulance Association (AAA) Annual Conference & Trade Show in Nashville, Nov. 4-6, 2019.

ORBCOMM has paved the way for fleet management and driver-mentoring solutions in numerous transportation sectors, improving safety for drivers through the use of technology and data-capturing tools, including in-cab electronic logging devices (ELDs), since 1993.

ORBCOMM’s Pro-400 driver safety and fleet management solution is now available for ambulances and other EMS vehicles. ORBCOMM’s technology improves emergency fleet safety with easy-to-use hardware apps and software designed specifically for the needs of EMS. In-cab verbal coaching helps dramatically reduce crashes, aggressive driving, speeding and seat belt violations within the first 90 days of implementation, according to customer research.

While the technology improves the safety of EMS crews and patients, ambulance services are able to experience reduced liability and operating costs, including fuel savings.

ORBCOMM has brought together a team of experts with strong backgrounds in technology innovation and the EMS and fire community. This includes Daniel Garstang, VP of Safety and Compliance Solutions, with extensive law enforcement and safety solutions design experience; and Brent Thor, Director, Public Safety, who brings his EMS, fire service and driver safety solutions experience.

“We saw a need for improved driver safety in the EMS community and greater public safety realm, setting a goal to significantly reduce the staggering number of emergency vehicle crashes every year and help save lives,” said Thor. “With our proven record of providing effective driver safety technology to transportation fleets, we’re proud to bring our team and technology to support this important mission. We want to help EMS agencies reduce crashes, reduce costs and helps save lives by utilizing our best-in-class fleet management solution.”

Product research has shown ORBCOMM’s verbal driver coaching, seatbelt alerts, and crash detection features can help improve the safety of EMS operators, crews and patients by reducing crashes by nearly 85%, according to ORBCOMM fleet management data, while lowering vehicle maintenance and fuel costs.

For more information on ORBCOMM’s driver and fleet safety solutions, please click here or visit ORBCOMM at the 2019 AAA Annual Conference Nov. 4-6, 2019, in Nashville.

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