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Logis Solutions Announces Launch of Billing Product


Logis Solutions, a software company offering computer aided dispatch (CAD) solutions to the emergency medical services (EMS) and fire markets, announced today the launch of Logis Billing, a new billing software. This customizable tool aims to improve effectiveness and ultimately an organization’s bottom line by automating standard medical billing work, reducing touchpoints from billers, providing a real-time view of data and moving organizational billing into a single system. Logis Billing will be available for demonstrations at the American Ambulance Association (AAA) Annual Conference and Trade Show, held in Nashville this year.

For emergency care organizations, managing complicated billing software and handling patient information is a challenging and time-consuming task, often requiring manual data transactions that can involve gathering information from multiple databases.

“We’ve seen firsthand how unwieldy medical billing software can add excess time and general inefficiency, affecting our clients’ bottom line and ultimately patient care,” said Gil Glass, CEO at Logis Solutions. “Logis Billing resolves these problems by providing automated tools that allow payor and patient information to be viewed from multiple sources simultaneously and all within an elegant interface.”

Built on open APIs, Logis Billing is designed to be a highly compatible software application, allowing users to have a custom integration with any CAD system, including Logis Solutions’ own CAD product—Logis Intelligent Dispatch System (IDS).

“This is much-needed software in the mobile healthcare and emergency services space,” said René Munk Jørgensen, a partner at Logis Solutions. “In this fast-paced world, medical billing requirements change frequently. We want to help our clients be able to constantly adapt and improve in order to provide the best possible care.”

Logis Billing is available now for implementation. For more details about Logis Billing, please contact Gill Glass at

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