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Penn. County Restructures 9-1-1 Center


IXP Corporation, a national public safety managed services company, has entered into a consulting contract with York County to reorganize and improve the training, management structure, and operational processes of the county’s vital 911 center.

"This new project underscores our expertise in transforming 911 centers into high performance organizations," says William E. Metro, Chairman and CEO of IXP Corporation. "Through a series of business process reengineering activities, coupled with oversight and coordination of the change management system, we will permanently resolve decades of issues in York County.”

According to Lawrence Consalvos, IXP's President and COO, “During the past 20 years, IXP has established an unparalleled ability to design solutions that deliver the highest level of operational and technical efficiency for emergency communications organizations. We commend York County for its commitment to addressing longstanding operational challenges and look forward to leading the overhaul and notable improvement of the 911 center.”

The six-month, fixed-price contract between York County and IXP was passed by the York County Commissioner, following IXP’s audit of the county’s 911 system that was completed in June. The report detailed the county’s 911 deficiencies and provided an overview of changes required to improve the center’s performance. The contract between York County and IXP includes an option to further the consulting relationship based on performance metrics and goals.

IXP's recommendations focus on enhancing service levels by streamlining dispatch processes, improving the relationships between the 911 center and county fire/EMS and law enforcement agencies, and upgrading management and training approaches. A designated committee will meet weekly with the IXP team to track progress and the county’s full leadership team will meet monthly with the firm to evaluate performance and goals achieved.

Susan Byrnes, President Commissioner, York County, acknowledged that the county has been discussing the problems and trying to address them over the years, but it hasn't been enough. “The county needs outside experts to help,” she said.

According to York County Commissioner Chris Reilly, “The way we’ve tried to deal with it for 25 years is change of leadership, and it doesn’t work. It’s not about an individual. It’s about a culture and a system and a hierarchy, an entire department that’s broken. I’m very optimistic that IXP is going to, once and for all, put the department on the right course.”

Metro concluded, “Our track record working with 911 centers throughout the country affirms that we have the proven expertise and commitment to deliver tangible value to the York County government, public safety community, and the public they protect.”

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the press release above belong solely to the company/vendor/author and do not necessarily reflect those of EMS World or HMP.

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