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Bryx, Inc. Awarded Contract for Fire Station Alerting System


November 6—Bryx, a provider of first responder technology, has been awarded a contract for fire station alerting at the Active US Army Installation, Presidio of Monterey. The alerting system, Bryx Station, will provide features such as lighting, sound, and station automation, designed to improve turn out times and keep teams informed.

Bryx Station is a full-featured station alerting system that connects fire departments and EMS agencies around the globe, providing immediate alerts, full station automation, and improving response times. When a call comes in, the Bryx Station Control Unit alerts the house with heart-smart ramping tones, color-changing lights, and text-to-speech audio readouts. The system can perform tasks such as turning off stoves, opening and closing bay doors, and securing the building, automating the tasks that first responders have little time to complete. Full station automation allows first responders to focus on getting out the door and shaves off seconds that can mean life or death for those in need.

The Bryx Station alerting system works hand-in-hand with the company's free mobile alerting and messaging application, Bryx 911. To learn more about Bryx's products, visit

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