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Demers Ambulances Introduces MXP153 Ambulance


Nov. 21—Demers Ambulances USA Inc. will introduce the MXP153, a new Type I ambulance model, at TEXAS EMS in Fort Worth, Texas on November 24, 2019. Designed with extreme climates in mind, the MXP153 features insulation and dual climate control package to offer patients and EMS professionals a cooler, more comfortable ride. The ambulance will be on display in Texas EMS Conference Booth #800, in partnership with Siddons-Martin Emergency Group, the Demers’ dealer for Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana.

“From the beginning, it was important to us that we develop a solution that was all about keeping patients and attendants cool and comfortable in extremely hot climates,” says Mike Pelletier, Vice President Manufacturing, Engineering and Quality at Demers. “Our goal was to create an ambulance that would offer comfort and efficiency to the crew while improving patient care. We take pride in working closely with our customers to be able to deliver on their expectations and thus providing a highly functional product, which has the same focus on innovation, craftsmanship, and quality as all of our ambulances.”

The MXP153 ambulance features an insulation package, engineered with polyurethane closed-cell insulation, sealed inside the wall structure, and a thermal barrier covering all metal surfaces to limit heat exchange from the exterior to the inside module.

The MXP153 is also equipped with an HVAC system. The Texas-lab-tested independent heat and A/C direct flow air conditioning system results in speed to reach comfortable interior temperatures and ensures greater airflow throughout the entire module. The twin evaporator coils with brushless motors, combined with Demers’ standard dual seal doors, maintain module air temperatures at the optimal level, even with frequent door openings and closures and in the most extreme climates.

The MXP153 includes features and benefits that go beyond a well-cooled module. All aluminum cabinet walls are fully KKK-A-1822-F/GVS certified; they are lightweight, durable, and pull-tested to 12,000 lbs to stand up to the high demands of the job. The exclusive, state-of-the-art multiplex electrical system offers remote diagnostics and one-touch controls for easy operation. In addition, Demers’ ECOSmart technology continuously monitors the ambulance voltage and module temperature to stop and restart the engine automatically when the unit is parked and running in non-emergency mode. This helps to reduce fuel costs and C02 released in the environment. Lastly, a sealed S3 compartment and other thoughtful storage elements and design considerations help protect equipment and enhance the working environment for first responders.

For additional information about the MXP153 Type I ambulance or Texas EMS Conference, please contact us at 1.800.363-7591. You can also visit or our Demers ambulances website at

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