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ESO Acquires Software Companies, Reveals New Trauma Registry Tech


Dec. 10—ESO, a data and software company serving emergency medical services (EMS), fire departments and hospitals, today announced its acquisition of Digital Innovation, Clinical Data Management and Lancet Technology, as well as a collaboration with DICORP to continue driving trauma registry innovation. By combining the assets, expertise and customer base of the three companies, ESO will have the largest portfolio of state trauma registries (26) in the United States and will deliver a world’s first—the ability to see time-sensitive emergencies and patient data from the first 911 call for help all the way through a patient leaving the hospital. 

“We are excited about these acquisitions and partnership,” said Chris Dillie, president and CEO of ESO. “Our mission is to improve community health and safety through the power of data. We realize what a game changer it will be to leverage our comprehensive data set to look critically at time-sensitive emergencies from 911 through the hospital system. The collaborative communication between hospital and EMS is essential for improved patient care, and we will now be able to automate the flow of data from EMS into hospital registries.”

Digital Innovation, Clinical Data Management and Lancet Technology have been serving customers with their award-winning software for more than 30 years with a series of products—including V5 Trauma Registry, TraumaBase and TraumaOne—to capture essential data as it relates to trauma registries.

“ESO is the leader in the collection and analysis of prehospital-to-hospital data,” said John Kutcher, CEO of DICORP. “We’re excited for Digital Innovation to be part of an organization that understands the value of analytics and insights to improve patient safety and patient outcomes across the healthcare spectrum. We look forward to continuing our groundbreaking efforts as ESO and DICORP work together to move the industry forward.”  

The combination of Digital Innovation, Clinical Data Management and Lancet’s technology and trauma data with ESO’s ESO EHR and award-winning ESO HDE will provide both EMS and hospitals with a comprehensive patient picture that will allow providers and hospital staff to make the most informed decisions when it comes to patient care. Additionally, EMS and hospitals will have access to outcomes data that will improve the quality of care.     

Details of the deal were not disclosed.

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the press release above belong solely to the company/vendor/author and do not necessarily reflect those of EMS World or HMP.

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