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ImageTrend Adds Preset Values to Accelerate Documentation


Dec. 9—ImageTrend, Inc. introduces Preset Values, a new feature in Elite that provides crews with new workflows to reduce the number of repetitive clicks and time spent documenting common scenarios. Preset Values was developed with providers in mind to save significant time in situations like inter-facility transfers and canceled calls by automatically completing specific fields within run forms with minimal clicks.

Utilizing the same configurability found throughout ImageTrend solutions, system administrators can create limitless custom presets for crews in their Elite EMS, Fire or Community Health platform to streamline workflows in the field.

“Preset Values elevates the configurability within Elite to add a new dynamic to an already powerful platform, while making it easier for crews to use,” said Nick Spring, Product Manager for ImageTrend Elite. “We are seeing administrators set up presets saving their providers substantial clicks on reports for routine events like wheelchair transfers, allowing crews to focus on providing quality care, while efficiently documenting their ePCR.”

The emergency response industry is constantly evolving with a greater demand for data, and ImageTrend is committed to providing its clients with the most innovative solutions.

To learn more about the power of Preset Values and other recent features introduced in Elite, watch the New Features video on this page.

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