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Coronavirus Screening Available Now in ImageTrend Elite


Jan. 29—ImageTrend, Inc. is monitoring the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak closely and is committed to ensuring pre-hospital screening and documentation fits the evolving needs of our providers and their communities. A Coronavirus screening worksheet is available immediately to ImageTrend Elite clients in ImageTrend’s Library for quick deployment on any Elite system.

ImageTrend Elite is designed to offer rapid, configurable deployment to effectively document travel and emerging virus-related information. This can capture patient information related to the early detection of Coronavirus such as fever, respiratory illness and associated travel-related health risks outside the US.

“The ease of travel across countries and various communities has become the norm in our fast-paced world, and we often forget how quickly diseases and viruses can spread, such as the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak,” commented Morgan K. Anderson, Epidemiologist at ImageTrend. “ImageTrend solutions can be used to get ahead of outbreaks and allow providers or agencies to be more informed when appropriate action is required at the provider, agency and public health level.”

The ImageTrend Library is a community resource sharing platform where users can create content and publish for the entire ImageTrend community to utilize, even if they are on different versions or not hosted within our infrastructure.

Please contact ImageTrend at for any questions or to be a part of the ongoing conversation of pre-hospital screening and preventative action.

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