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Fuel Management Company Saves Cal-Med Ambulance Time, Money


Southern California-based Cal-Med Ambulance has partnered with Booster, a same-day fuel delivery service, to improve operational efficiencies and Cal-Med’s overall performance through smart, on-demand fuel delivery.

Cal-Med Ambulance has served the Southern California healthcare community for over a decade and has grown by 50 percent year-after-year since their start. With a fleet of 20 ambulances needing to be fueled and ready for service 24/7, Cal-Med’s management team sent two EMTs to fill up every vehicle at the end of their shifts. Their method of sending two EMTs post-shift to fuel up was leading to unnecessary overtime costs and lost gas cards.

As overtime costs skyrocketed and fueling card expenses became increasingly difficult to track, Cal-Med decided to look for a more efficient and cost-effective fueling method.

The company chose Booster, which helped streamline Cal-Med’s fuel management with a one-stop shop gas approach. Booster delivers to their location seven days a week with no middleman, ensuring that their vehicles are ready to go 24/7.

Since partnering with Booster, the company has reduced fuel costs by 57% and crews no longer need to stop to fill up as the vehicles have a full tank of gas at the start of each shift.

“Working with Booster has been a game-change for us. Now we can focus on more important tasks and be there when our customers need us,”  said Jeff Twycross, Director of Operations for Cal-Med Ambulance. “No more worrying about filling up, wasting employee time or administrative headaches. It’s hard to imagine ever operating without Booster.”

Cal-Med isn’t alone. A Booster survey of fleet professionals across the country found that on average, each fleet fill up takes an additional 20 minutes, and 60 percent of drivers add at least two miles to their routes. These costs add up, and that is without any of the additional issues associated with overtime pay or vehicle wear and tear that may arise. Booster’s mobile fuel delivery service can save fleets up to $1,500 per vehicle per year.

In addition to saving companies time and money, Booster’s modern, mobile approach to fueling significantly reduces road congestion, CO2 emissions, and protects community land and water from the negative effects of underground storage tanks. In total, the company has prevented the release of 2.2 million pounds of CO2—the equivalent of planting 175,000 trees—by eliminating travel associated with going to get gas, everyday gas station spills and the need for underground gas station storage tanks. 

Since launching in 2015, Booster’s proprietary purple mini tanker has delivered more than 20 million gallons of fuel direct from the refinery and works with more than 350 fleet customers in 20 cities across the U.S. including, Austin, Dallas-Forth Worth, Los Angeles, Nashville, Orange County, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Seattle.

To learn more about Booster, visit

For more information contact:

Tom Breunig
Hot Tomato Marketing (for Booster)
(510) 847-1637

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