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REV Group Provides Infection Control Products for Ambulances


REV Group, the nation’s largest manufacturer of Type I, II, III emergency vehicles with over 50 years’ experience, has incorporated several product options into their High-Risk Infection Control (HRIC) ambulance designs to further protect patients and EMS personnel from exposure risk. Horton, American Emergency Vehicles (AEV), Leader, Wheeled Coach, Road Rescue and McCoy-Miller all offer these features in their HRIC designs. REV has previously delivered ambulances to the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services and to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which were configured to meet each agency’s unique specifications for controlling the spread of Infectious Disease pathogens.

“As a trusted partner to fire, health services and EMS agencies across the country, and with heightened concerns about the spread of infectious diseases, our teams have developed advanced designs to provide timely, additional protection in our ambulances,” said Anoop Prakash, Ambulance Division President, REV Group. “These purpose-built vehicles will provide additional capabilities to agencies and be essential to promote safety and responsiveness.”  

Key design elements to provide enhanced protection include:

  • Isolation of cab crew area from patient compartment
  • Multi-stage HEPA filters in HVAC system
  • High Capacity Negative Air System in patient compartment to control external environmental exposure
  • Anti-Microbial LED lighting in patient compartment to protect the interior environment from a variety of pathogens
  • Portable or installed EPA-approved Decontamination Systems meeting OSHA and NFPA

For more information, please visit HortonAmerican Emergency Vehicles (AEV), LeaderWheeled CoachRoad Rescue and McCoy Miller.

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