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Red Cross Releases New ALS and PALS Training for EMS Clinicians


The American Red Cross enhanced its Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) curricula with 32 clinical scenarios specific to cases that might be encountered by EMS clinicians during out-of-hospital calls. The new scenarios are available immediately at no additional cost to course takers.

The EMS-specific education tools cover cardiac, respiratory, shock and trauma cases with a focus on out-of-hospital settings rather than hospital-based settings. They also feature pharmacology specific to EMS, with a decreased reliance on clinical testing and treatment typically available only in hospitals. Visual aids simulating the cardiac monitor provide a clinical snapshot as the instructor and student progress through the cases.

The 32 new scenarios are equally divided between ALS and PALS and are included as part of current ALS and PALS course pricing. They complement existing course content without impacting course length, or they can also be used for continuing education. The scenarios have options to allow instructors to tailor them to match local or regional protocol.

“The Red Cross is the only major education provider offering ALS and PALS practice and evaluation scenarios specific to EMS clinicians,” said David Markenson, MD, Chief Medical Officer for Training Services at the Red Cross. “This reinforces resuscitation best practices within their scope of practice and protocols to improve patient outcomes.”

The Red Cross Resuscitation Suite™ education programs (Basic Life Support, ALS, PALS) are based on an innovative new educational approach that combines flexibility with current broad resuscitation science to offer a scientifically expanded and educationally superior curriculum. The new resuscitation education programs meet certification and licensing requirements for healthcare, EMS and other public safety professionals. Additional program details are available at

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