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CrewCare Now Available in Australia, Canada for First Responders


ImageTrend, Inc. has announced that CrewCare™, its free mobile app for all first responders, is now available in Australia and Canada. CrewCare was created in response to the growing concerns around mental health and designed to gain insight into the stressors and life factors of first responders in EMS, fire, dispatch, law enforcement, military and most recently added, healthcare workers. CrewCare has aided in the collection of aggregated, non-identifiable data to provide awareness that may help first responders manage stress or seek appropriate action, and ImageTrend is excited to expand this offering internationally.

CrewCare users can log information about their life, engagement, mood and associated activities to instantly receive results in charts and graphs to give them an overall view of their own mental health over time, as well as how they compare to other app users within their industry. The app provides links to relevant topical resources, mental health support and crisis contacts in efforts to make personal and organizational improvements.

“Opening up CrewCare internationally has been a goal from the very beginning of this project,” commented Morgan K. Anderson, epidemiologist at ImageTrend. “Having data across multiple countries can allow us to better understand first responder mental health and associated programs or ideas that may help mitigate the daily stressors associated with their careers.”

Reports comprised of anonymous, aggregate stress-related data collected from the CrewCare mobile app are released annually to provide insight about life stressors and associated factors related to careers, physical health, support, sleep, mental health and burnout within the first responder and healthcare community. While the annual report focuses on all participants of the CrewCare app, reports can be created specific for organizations to look at aggregate insights of their staff by utilizing anonymous information that can allow for further strides in improving mental health.

CrewCare was selected as a JEMS Hot Product at EMS Today in 2018, and the team of innovators behind the app received an EMS10 award in 2019 for the first of its kind contribution to the first responder community.

The CrewCare app is available as a free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. For more information on CrewCare, including a copy of the newly released second annual report, visit

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