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Cambridge Consulting Group Launches to Provide EMS Counsel


The Cambridge Consulting Group (CCG) has announced the launch of a new network of professionals supporting the field of paramedicine.

CCG is a confederation of national experts in emergency medical services, medical transportation, ambulance operations, and community paramedic programs.

The advisors at CCG are recognized leaders in the field of paramedicine with extensive experience in emergency medical services at all levels, ambulance operations of every organizational structure, and medical transportation service. They have served in executive, managerial, supervisory and practitioner roles.

Services offered cover the spectrum of paramedicine organizational needs, from system design and operational performance analytics, to leadership recruiting, reimbursement, and labor relations consultation. The development of a national network allows CCG to provide their clients with exceptional support and value.

One incredibly unique program offered by CCG is called “Active Advisor—for your on-demand consulting needs.” Clients can purchase access to advisors available any time they might need them over the course of time. This retainer-like service puts expert horsepower by your side whenever it is needed.

For more information or to speak with a CCG representative, call 202-505-2256 or email

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