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Allegro Launches Mini-Pak Blower


Allegro Industries introduces the 8-inch Axial AC Plastic Mini-Pak Blower. This high-output blower features a compact design that stores ducting inside the plastic blower housing for an all-in-one easy transport unit. The super-quiet, lightweight, and portable design is now the lightest and shortest blower with ducting in the industry!

This unique and versatile Allegro Mini-Pak design is available with your choice of 15’ or 25’ retractable, non-collapsible ducting. The single-ply PVC-coated vinyl and polyester fabrication is temperature resistant up to 180°F (82.2°C). And a separate 12” duct (not included) can be attached to the intake side of the blower to draw air.

The 15’ or 25’ ducting stores conveniently within the canister, and an integrated nylon attachment strap is included. Additional design features include a carry handle molded into the safety orange blower and canister housing. The blower will deliver up to 791 CFM and features a 1/3-hp motor. This unit also includes a 9-blade polypropylene fan and a protective steel powder coated grill. International 220V, 50 Hz models are also available.

Allegro Industries manufactures the most comprehensive line of plastic and metal ventilation blowers on the market. Blowers are available in AC or DC models and are engineered to offer higher output flow rates than other blowers of their size. They are “safety-orange” colored, lightweight, low profile and compact, making them easy to transport. Allegro offers all the accessories required for virtually any ventilation job.

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With 33 years in the safety industry, Allegro designs and manufactures their products for maximum convenience and ease of use in the field. All their products are backed by outstanding customer service, technical support and fast delivery. For more information, please call (800) 622-3530 or visit



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