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Patient Care

Des Moines Firefighter Invents Patient Lifting Device


Jak Rescue announces the release of its state-of-the-art lifting device.

The patented JAK Harness is a lifting device used by fire and emergency medical personnel for lifting and moving patients safely for both the rescuers and the patients.

Its unique design allows installation in seconds and provides handles for up to six rescuers to ergonomically lift. The JAK Harness provides a barrier between the patient and the rescuers that is easily sterilized and reusable in seconds.

JAK Harness is rated to 500 pounds and is veteran- and firefighter-made in the USA.

“Our department recently purchased the JAK Harness. I am impressed with how much we use it,” says Ray Reynolds, fire chief and a critical care paramedic in Nevada, Iowa. “The elderly fall cases are increasing. The ability to safely get folks up from the floor without injuring responders or the patient has been the true benefit we are seeing. Yesterday a patient said, 'I really like this' as we assisted them to a car for a doctor’s appointment.

“The ability to effectively clean the device on scene is also a benefit. I recommend this device over other devices we have tried.”

The JAK Harness has one-size-fits most design, with no parts to lose or get twisted. It folds into a 12-inch square and weighs about a pound. It installs in 20 seconds and is cleaned and sterilized in seconds.

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