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New York Agency, IAEP Announce New EMS Labor Deal


Amherst, N.Y.-based Twin City Ambulance and the International Association of EMTs and Paramedics Local 394 have approved the first collective bargaining agreement since 2017. This agreement went into effect February 4, 2021 and includes unprecedented benefits. For full-time paramedics hourly wages start between $22 and $25.50 based on years of experience. In addition to significant wage increases, employees will continue to receive 100% company-paid health insurance, company-matched 401k, shift differentials, incentives for permanent shifts, and longevity pay.

Bryan Brauner, CEO of Twin City Ambulance, said, “Twin City Ambulance is excited to announce a new contract with IAEP Local 394 that once again brings a region-leading wage and benefit package to our team members. Our providers are the best in Western New York, and this contract reflects not only that distinction but the commitment each of them has made to providing first-rate emergency medical services to our community. Thank you to IAEP Local 394 for your partnership and to its members for overwhelmingly ratifying this agreement.”

According to David Martinez, President, IAEP Local 394, “We, the membership of local 394 of the International Association of EMTs and Paramedics, are excited in reaching an agreement with Twin City Ambulance. This agreement represents a true commitment by the company in advancing the union’s goal of making EMS a good career choice. With this agreement, we are now among the highest-paid EMTs and paramedics not only Western New York, but in New York State and the country as well. We are excited in partnering with a company that has willingly demonstrated a commitment to its employees and is partnering with us in being the premier EMS agency in Western New York to work for!”

Twin City Ambulance is Western New York’s longest-serving family-owned and -operated ambulance service.


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