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Technimount Develops Flexible Neonatal Transport Solution


Technimount System (Technimount), a manufacturer of versatile mounting solutions for portable medical devices, unveiled today its much-anticipated Neonatal Stretcher System. A first in North America for this multi-equipment concept, this revolutionary solution sets the standard for medical equipment management in critical care neonatal transport. By securing medical devices in specialized mounting solutions, neonatal critical care transport teams can configure their stretcher according to their protocols with the equipment they already have. Previously impossible, the Technimount’s Neonatal Stretcher System gives full access to medical device monitors and controls at all times during transport, making patient care more efficient and responsive.

Developed by Technimount in collaboration with the CISSS des Laurentides healthcare institutions (Quebec, Canada), this solution allows the system to be adapted to the specific and evolving needs of mobile neonatal critical care units. The Neonatal Stretcher System consists of a reinforced stretcher structure and adapted supports that allow the attachment of numerous medical devices and accessories during neonatal critical care transfers. This system has been developed to offer the greatest flexibility of use and increased safety for staff and patients. The solution responds to an urgent request from critical neonatal care providers to easily handle medical devices for maintenance, renewal, and addition to the structure, unlike some options available on the market that involve the permanent embedding of specific medical devices on the neonatal stretcher.

The Hôpital Laurentien becomes the first institution to benefit from this innovation in North America. Technimount’s system will allow critical neonatal care units greater autonomy, improved safety of staff in transport, safe management of medical devices, and improved response time.

"Technimount's strength lies in its ability to understand needs, innovate and offer adapted and safe solutions. Every minute counts for these newborns, and it is our mission to offer neonatal teams the most advanced medical device transport solution to increase the safety of medical staff and the efficiency of patient care. " said Carl Bouchard, founder and CEO of Technimount System.

"This solution is a major asset for teams in the field and we are convinced that this innovation will benefit many critical neonatal care facilities. "adds Bouchard.

Technimount System designs and develops mounting solutions that provide first responders and healthcare professionals with a complete system for portable medical device management during patient transport. Technimount’s unparalleled universal mounting system can fit multiple brands, models, and applications of portable medical equipment in ambulances, on stretchers and cots in hospitals, EMS, and military environments.

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