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Digitech Adds Legal Experts to Compliance Team


CHAPPAQUA, NY—Digitech, a leading provider of EMS billing and technology services, announced March 15, 2021, that Krina Merchant has been hired as corporate counsel and Amanda Stark has been hired as risk manager.

Merchant brings a background of balancing business goals with legal risk, which allows her to effectively support departments across Digitech. She recently held a role as corporate counsel for a cutting-edge biotechnology company, and has significant experience working in heavily regulated industries. Merchant is licensed to practice law in the State of New York and is completing training to become a certified ambulance compliance officer.

Stark joins Digitech from EMS law firm Page, Wolfberg & Wirth, where she specialized in Medicare compliance. Stark co-authored the Ambulance Compliance Program Toolkit, created and taught the Certified Ambulance Compliance Officer course, and worked with clients across the country to create and improve their compliance programs.

Stark is licensed to practice law in California and is certified in Healthcare Compliance (CHC). As risk manager for Digitech, her responsibilities include reviewing and auditing clients’ claims to ensure they are billed in compliance with each payer’s rules.

“We’ve always been proud of our impeccable compliance record,” stated Mark Schiowitz, president and CEO of Digitech. “As the largest EMS billing firm in the country, we’ve scaled our legal, compliance, and audit teams so that we can continue to serve ambulance agencies of all sizes. We are honored to bring these experienced professionals on board to lead the most rigorous compliance program in the industry.”

Digitech is a leading provider of advanced billing and technology services to the EMS transport industry. Since its founding in 1984, Digitech has refined its software platform to create a cloud-based billing and business intelligence solution that monitors and automates the entire EMS revenue lifecycle. Digitech leverages its proprietary technology to offer fully outsourced services that maximize collections, protect compliance, and deliver results for clients.


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