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U.S. Embassy in Latvia Donates EpiShuttles to State EMS


The U.S Embassy in Latvia has donated two EpiShuttles to State Emergency Medical Services (Neatliekamās medicīniskās palīdzības dienests). These are the first EpiShuttles to be stationed in Latvia.

Minister of Health Daniels Pavluts received the EpiShuttles on behalf of the Latvian government. The EpiShuttles will be deployed in ground ambulance to transport critically ill COVID-19 patients between hospitals to provide medical care.

The EpiShuttle is in use worldwide among air forces, organizations, ground ambulance services, private air transport companies and hospitals. During the pandemic the EpiShuttle has been widely used in transport to where beds in ICUs are available, even across nations, a company release stated.

As the third wave of the pandemic hits Europe, hospitals are once again at maximum capacity, stated Ellen Cathrine Andersen, CEO of EpiGuard, adding that there are hotspots struggling, while others have beds available. Safe transport is crucial in order to maximize the capacity of the healthcare system.

In addition to transporting patients to where an ICU is available, the EpiShuttle keeps ambulances operational, protecting both ambulance and crew from contamination and infection, according to the company.

With the EpiShuttle, there is no need for disinfecting vehicles, Andersen said. In addition, medical personnel do not need to wear full PPE while transporting highly contagious patients inside the EpiShuttle.

In addition to COVID-19 medevacs, the EpiShuttle is used for transport of patients with other contagious diseases such as SARS, MERS, Ebola and MRSA. Scanmed SIA is the Latvian distributor of the EpiShuttle. EpiShuttle is NATOs stock-listed and CE-marked as a class one medical device.

EpiGuard is a Norwegian company established in 2015, providing solutions for safe transportation of contagious patients. The company’s team of medical experts and engineers developed the EpiShuttle based on analysis and clinical firsthand experience from previous global epidemics. The company’s medical background ranges from intensive care to infectious diseases, internal medicine and anesthesiology, and transport medicine.


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