NEMSMA Announces Development of Unique EMS Leadership Training Video Series

NEMSMA Announces Development of Unique EMS Leadership Training Video Series

Press Release Aug 04, 2017

Triple Zilch Productions, LLC and the National EMS Management Association, Inc. (NEMSMA) announce the development of a new and unique EMS Leadership training video series. The series will be produced and developed by Triple Zilch Productions in St. Louis, Missouri which specializes in video productions for EMS, Fire, and Police services.  Ray Kemp, CEO for Triple Zilch Productions, says the series is the first of its kind with a specific focus on EMS leadership. “This series is designed specifically with the EMS officer in mind and we designed each video course with a specific scenario that an EMT or paramedic could easily relate to,” Kemp said. “The scenarios will demonstrate a wrong vs. right style but are carefully scripted to hold the viewers’ attention and be entertaining as well.”

Kemp also elaborated on the relationship with NEMSMA. “When the concept for this production came across my desk I knew this would be something that should involve NEMSMA, for as far as I was concerned, NEMSMA has been leading the charge in EMS leadership and getting their seal of approval for this unique video education series was important to us.  And what better way to work with an organization such as NEMSMA than to bring them into the production as a working partner.”

“The National EMS Management Association is delighted about our new partnership with Triple Zilch Productions and the exciting new project of EMS Officer leadership education videos they will be developing. This exclusive arrangement will be the first series of educational video programs to teach EMS Officer management directly tied to NEMSMA’s Competencies,” said Vincent Robbins, President of NEMSMA. “This collaboration marks the beginning of a new era in EMS leadership education, using video scenarios focused on the standardized knowledge objectives and skill sets established by our Officers’ Competencies Pillars.”

NEMSMA Board of Directors Secretary, Ryan Greenberg, points out one of the advantages of the series will be its accessibility for ongoing EMS leadership education.  "NEMSMA is committed to helping EMS leaders from across the country be well-prepared to lead within their organization. The ability to travel to leadership training is often not an option for many EMS officers. Being able to access EMS leadership training from any web-based device that is in line with the Seven Pillars of National EMS Officer Competencies will offer an opportunity for leadership development never seen before. It is an exciting time for the growth of our profession and development of EMS leadership across the country."

Kemp says several course scripts for the production have already been completed and filming for the series will commence in the fall of 2017 with delivery for subscribers to begin in early 2018.  “Right now we’re working on securing an LMS provider and distributor for the series so subscribers can get validated in receiving NEMSMA credits towards their leadership certification, as well CAPCE."

Kemp states additional information regarding the subscription itself as well as detailed course information will be forthcoming in a few weeks.

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