Pennsylvania Department of Health Recognizes Emergency Medical Services Award Recipients

If Tony Spagnoletti had suffered a heart attack at home instead of work, he wouldn't have made it to the hospital in time to get revived after going into cardiac arrest.
Firefighter and combat veteran Greg Cinelli ran a 5K in full gear in honor of fellow vets and first responders struggling with physical and mental trauma.
Though she didn't survive, Jennifer Riordan received CPR from Peggy Phillips after Andrew Needum pulled Riordan from a broken window on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380.
Owensboro Fire Department Chief Steve Mitchell never thought he'd see the day when firefighters would need ballistic gear for protection from violence.
Only six other women have been firefighters in Springfield's history, and Heather Moore is the first to be fire division chief.
About 20 to 22 veterans commit suicide each day, often occurring at Veterans Affairs facilities.
Scott Pelc, 26, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for having sex with a 15-year-old girl at the fire station where he was employed.
Bruce DeArk, 49, has been raising awareness of the need for firefighters to get earlier testing due to their high risks for cancer.
Intensive care nurse Heather Fleming, 34, restored the man's heart rhythm after performing CPR and using an AED on him.
National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week was observed in Grayson County by community members sending gifts and well wishes to local emergency dispatchers.
PTSD resulting from repeated exposure to trauma on the job takes a heavy toll on first responders.
The truth is, we’re at our best when (and because) we work together.
Off-duty firefighter Ryan Glenn was driving across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge when he stopped to help a man who was threatening to commit suicide.
Volunteer firefighters and EMTs can get a rebate on their earned income taxes and a 20 percent credit on their municipal real estate taxes.
Dispatcher Stacie Rosedale met the parents whose baby she helped deliver over the phone—the first childbirth she encountered in her thirty years of service.