Emergency Reporting Releases New Resources to Help Fire and EMS Agencies Choose the Right RMS

Emergency Reporting Releases New Resources to Help Fire and EMS Agencies Choose the Right RMS

Press Release Oct 10, 2017

Bellingham, Wash.—Emergency Reporting (ER), the leader in cloud-based Fire and EMS records management and prevention software, has launched a new series of demo webinars and released a comparison checklist resource to assist fire departments and EMS agencies in their search for a better records management system (RMS).

The software comparison “cheat sheet” gives fire and EMS agencies a fast, easy way to compare their existing software to other RMS providers and determine if it’s still the best fit for their changing needs.

Emergency Reporting’s cloud-based software has been deemed “the most stable, secure, and trustworthy” by its 114,000 authorized users in part because it has been led and managed by the same owners—with actual Fire/EMS field experience—since its founding in 2003. “Stability, security and ease of use are all-important in this industry,” says Ed O’Neill, Executive Director of Emergency Reporting.

“We know that when it’s time to switch to a better reporting and records management system it can be a daunting, time-consuming task,” says O’Neill. “Most Fire/EMS agencies are required to review multiple software providers before making a selection. Offering this new comparison checklist gives fire chiefs, IT managers, EMS decision makers, and administrators an easy, at-a-glance tool to quickly identify key differences in features and benefits.”

The live demo webinars are free, hour-long demonstrations offered once a month to prospective customers looking for an overview of what ER has to offer.

O’Neill says the webinars and comparison checklist are especially helpful at a time when there is a lot of uncertainty with other companies in the industry, and many agencies are considering a switch to a more stable, trustworthy RMS provider.

“The Fire and EMS industry continues to be disrupted with mergers and acquisitions and we’ve even seen some companies shutting down,” he says. “FIREHOUSE Software, for example, has been acquired and sold multiple times, and has just been acquired again by ESO. This type of constant change can cause disruption for customers and delays in long-promised improvements. We’re hoping to make it as easy as possible for agencies to make the right choice when upgrading their records management software.”

To download Emergency Reporting’s Software Comparison Checklist, visit: http://bit.ly/ER-Comparison-Checklist. To sign up for an upcoming webinar, visit https://explore.emergencyreporting.com/webinar-schedule/. To request more information or schedule a customized 1:1 online demo with your station or agency, visit: https://explore.emergencyreporting.com/information-request-form/

About Emergency Reporting

Emergency Reporting (ER) is a privately held Washington State corporation specializing in cloud-based records management software solutions for Fire/Rescue and EMS agencies of all sizes, DoD/military branches worldwide, and large entities with self-contained Fire & EMS services like NASA, nuclear power plants, hospitals and oil refineries. ER is known as the most trusted, easiest-to-use RMS.

For more information, visit www.emergencyreporting.com.

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