H&H Medical Introduces the H*VENT Vented Chest Dressing

H&H Medical Introduces the H*VENT Vented Chest Dressing

Press Release Oct 13, 2017

H&H Medical Corporation, a leading provider of emergency trauma products, is proud to announce the introduction of our newest product in our chest seal line, the H*VENT vented chest dressing.

Open chest wounds that develop into a tension pneumothorax, commonly referred as a sucking chest wound, can be life threatening if not treated immediately by the first responder. The H*VENT from H&H Medical Products is an innovative chest seal that treats not only the presence of air in the chest (pneumothorax) but also allows fluids such as blood to be released from the chest (hemothorax).

The unique six-port design of the H*VENT provides a fail-safe system where up to five ports can become obstructed and the H*VENT remains fully operational. This six-port design also allows for unique multi-directional drainage towards gravity allowing patients to be transported on their side.

And unlike other vented chest dressings that create openings by removing hydrogel, the H*VENT provides a complete seal around the wound area and its unique dome membrane design minimizes the risk of air or fluid from finding an alternate path. The large vent opening provides excellent visual monitoring of the wound, giving first responders quick indications of air or fluid leaving the chest as well as the operational status of the seal.

“The H*VENT vented chest dressing continues our work in creating innovative solutions to immediate trauma situations,” said Paul Harder, president of H&H Medical. “Everything we have learned from our other chest seal products, including the Bolin Chest Seal, Wound Seal Kit, and DualSeal chest seals, has been applied to the H*VENT. Now first responders have choices when considering how to respond to an open chest injury.”

The H*VENT will be available by December 2017 and will be packaged in individual units and in two-pack sets. For more information, visit http://www.hvent.com.

About H&H Medical Corporation

Since 1982, H&H Medical Corporation has been dedicated to solving complex problems facing military and civilian responders. H&H Medical Corporation manufactures and distributes pre-hospital trauma products like the Bolin Chest SealTM, H-BandageTM compression dressing, H&H Compressed Gauze, and Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kit. For more information, visit us at http://www.gohandh.com.

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The H*VENT vented chest dressing treats not only the presence of air in the chest (pneumothorax) but also allows fluids such as blood to be released from the chest (hemothorax).
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