Intermedix and Rave Mobile Safety Expand Partnership to Enhance Incident Management for Higher Education

Intermedix and Rave Mobile Safety Expand Partnership to Enhance Incident Management for Higher Education

Press Release Oct 31, 2017

NASHVILLE, Tenn. and FRAMINGHAM, Mass.—Oct. 31, 2017—Intermedix and Rave Mobile Safety announced Tuesday a new partnership integrating the companies’ emergency notification and crisis information management platforms to increase incident management and communications efforts across higher education institutions.

“Regional collaboration and integrated communication are key components of effective emergency response—especially on our nation’s college campuses,” said Sam Klietz, senior vice president of business development at Intermedix. “The integration of eICS and Rave Alert is another example of our commitment to provide all emergency preparedness personnel with the tools they need when they are needed most.”

eICS for Higher Education, a web-based incident management system, provides emergency management teams at universities and colleges and enhanced visibility into resource availability and response activities. eICS improves operational resiliency at college campuses by allowing users to document and manage events based on their needs and requirements, while simultaneously disseminating key details to local jurisdictions to create optimal situational awareness.

eICS also creates transparency from a government standpoint, by having the ability to connect and instantly share information with WebEOC, the industry-leading incident management software.

Rave Alert mass notification system enables thousands of educational institutions, businesses, and state and local governments to send alerts and two-way communications with entire populations in minutes. Rave Alert uses all preferred communication modes (mobile phones, landlines, email, text messages, digital signage, and IPAWS-OPEN) to quickly deliver critical information from any internet connected device. Built on Rave’s public safety grade infrastructure, Rave Alert delivers millions of alerts daily to the right people, before, during and after emergencies.

The Rave Alert Extension for eICS provides mass notification capabilities to the incident management software. Through the integration, targeted and mass alerts can be sent from eICS, and the incident creation processes can be initiated within Rave Alert.

“Our goal is to provide colleges and universities with the most effective way to communicate while they manage on-going incidents,” president and CEO Todd Piett. “This integration is a key component of enhancing resilience at universities, and meeting the requirements set forth by the Clery Act by providing a common operational picture.”

Demonstrations of the extension will be available for attendees of the 2017 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference on October 31 at booth #1644.

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