NAEMSP Announces Class of 2017 Fellows of the Academy of Emergency Medical Services

NAEMSP Announces Class of 2017 Fellows of the Academy of Emergency Medical Services

Press Release Nov 13, 2017

Overland Park, KS. — The National Association of EMS Physicians ® (NAEMSP ®) congratulates its class of 2017 Fellows of the Academy of Emergency Medical Services (FAEMS).

The designation was established to recognize NAEMSP ® members’ contributions to the Association, to the EMS profession and the development and advancement of EMS. The 31 listed below join the 195 fellows who were awarded the designation in 2016, the program’s inaugural year.

In order to maintain the FAEMS designation, fellows must:

  • Continue their membership in and contribution to the Association,
  • Continue their Board certification in EMS, and
  • Continue contributing to the subspecialty of EMS.

The next application period will open in March 2018.

NAEMSP ® is an organization of physicians and other professionals partnering to provide leadership and foster excellence in the subspecialty of EMS medicine.

Dan Avstreih

Lawrence Brown

Dustin Calhoun

Elliot Carhart

Tom Collins

Jeremy Cushman

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Jocelyn De Guzman

Alex Eastman

Mark Escott

Mic Gunderson

Paul Hinchey

David Hirsch

Jonathan Jui

Michael Kaufmann

Chet Kharod

Brooke Lerner

Joshua Mastenbrook

Dan O'Donnell

Andre Pennardt

Tim Price

Jeff Rabrich

Josef Schenker

David Schoenwetter

William Selde

Robert Suter

Bob Swor

David Wampler

Scott Warner

Jonathan Wendell

Lynn White

Paul Zeeb

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The NAEMSP congratulates its class of 2017 Fellows of the Academy of Emergency Medical Services to recognize their contributions to the Association and the EMS community.
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