ImageTrend and CrewSense Announce New Combined ePCR and Scheduling System

ImageTrend and CrewSense Announce New Combined ePCR and Scheduling System

Press Release Dec 05, 2017

LAKEVILLE, MINN. and GRANTS PASS, ORE. (December 5, 2017) — ImageTrend, Inc., an EMS ePCR (electronic patient care records), fire RMS (records management system) and reporting solutions provider, and CrewSense, an employee scheduling, overtime distribution and resource management platform for the public safety industry—announce today a bundled integration.

Both technology offerings will work together to improve productivity and reduce the administrative strain on department personnel. CrewSense's innovative approach to public safety scheduling and resource management will now complement ImageTrend's reporting system seamlessly for the end user.

“At ImageTrend, we're always looking for ways to help our customers become more efficient and reach their goals,” commented Mike McBrady, President and CEO of ImageTrend, Inc. “Having CrewSense's workforce management available as part of our offering makes it easier for our customers to work within their scheduling system and get more out of our solutions.” 

“The best of both worlds in employee scheduling (CrewSense) and incident reporting (ImageTrend) is now possible with these two systems working hand in hand with each other,” said Casey McIntosh, CEO of CrewSense. “An update to the personnel roster in CrewSense will automatically be reflected in ImageTrend's system, eliminating the need for double data entry and greatly reducing the burden on the end user. Incident Reports will be kept up to date and accurate with no additional burden placed on the end user.”

For more information about purchasing CrewSense through ImageTrend, email

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