Tex. County OEM Responds to FCC Wireless Emergency Alert Plan

Response, a situational awareness app, helps meet the standards for supporting the critical operational needs of public safety agencies.
If the heart watch identifies concerning biometrics, it alerts a dispatch center to send first responders.
The integration delivers a streamlined, next-generation medical transportation capabilities for healthcare organizations and medical transport providers.
The platform offers multiple form factors that share the same accessory set while delivering increased durability and improved performance.
The new Active Data Monitoring™ feature provides targeted dashboards and alerts to determine efficiencies regarding hospital turn-around time.
“When every moment counts, these tools will help first responders reach our customers when they most need assistance," said Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple.
Building a communication network broadens offerings focused on patient outcomes.
Collaboration showcases the ability for one prehospital data system to transfer a patient record into another within 30 seconds.
Users can quickly call 9-1-1 directly through the app's new safety center area.
When documenting a controlled substance in an ePCR, questions prompt medics to verify their identity.
Bystanders trained in CPR can help someone nearby who is in cardiac arrest or experiencing a heart attack.
The app is designed to instruct bystanders how to act in an emergency and provides medical supplies.
The health care information technology company has been recognized for the first time in the ranking of top U.S. mid-sized employers to work for.
A Geographic Information System class intends to create a mapping system for the two groups to utilize based on data such as call response time and fire locations.
The platform offers streamlined tracking and management of all components of continuing education and recertification.