MedixSafe Offers Secure EMS Pharmaceuticals Cabinet

MedixSafe Offers Secure EMS Pharmaceuticals Cabinet

Press Release Jan 11, 2018

Memphis, Tennessee—January 2018MedixSafe, known for providing narcotics security to first responders, EMS and pharmaceutical workers, has delivered a list of "firsts" that have translated into unprecedented product offerings.

Among them, MedixSafe was the first manufacturer to:

  • Feature a fingerprint reader on its narcotics cabinets.
  • Require triple authentication (PIN, Card and Biometric) on a narcotics cabinet.
  • Incorporate Wi-Fi into its narcotics cabinets so the user does not have to go to the ambulance to change users or retrieve access history.
  • Require dual custody (two different users) before entry is allowed.

MedixSafe offers a large variety of sizes from very small to very large created to customer specifications/requirements. "Our access control cabinets allow users to control and organize their critical keys. They also limit access to only those authorized and enrolled to have it," says MedixSafe President Jim Turner. "MedixSafe has continued to grow because we've paid attention to what the customer needs and wants."

The MedixSafe Key Care Cabinet provides more secure access than low-end cabinets.

Because a single PIN can be easily compromised, dual, triple or biometric authentication credentials are required before access to the Key Care Cabinet is granted. The standalone Key Access Ready Enclosure (KARE) is a heavy-duty key control cabinet with an HID format card reader and key override built right into the electronic lock.


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