Demers Ambulances to Build Ambulances for Tex. MedStar Mobile Healthcare

A $35 subscription fee covers 100% of emergency transport costs for a full year, no matter how often a resident calls for an ambulance.
The bill under consideration would give paramedics the authority to transport certain patients to behavioral health facilities or sobering centers instead of the ED.
Families are facing bills in the thousands because their insurance companies claim the air transports are not medically necessary or out- of-network.
A Milwaukee man stole a Virginia Beach rescue squad ambulance while EMTs transported a patient into Sentara Princess Anne Hospital.
The transition of Paramedics Logistics to the new ownership is expected to create new growth opportunities for its employees while delivering service and innovation for their patients and communities.
The new policy dictates Bay County EMS will only collect money from insurance companies.
Scott A. White, 49, was under the influence of synthetic marijuana when he kicked at the EMTs treating him, causing one to fall down a flight of stairs.
A Marin County Fire Department ambulance was transporting a patient when the accident occurred.
Matthew Alexander Vancamp, 30, has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless driving in connection with the death of 47-year-old patient Samantha Lehmann.
Tuscaloosa-based NorthFlight was a partnership between NorthStar EMS and Air Methods.
Los Angeles paramedics were caring for a patient while someone drove their ambulance two miles away before crashing and abandoning it.
A series of ambulance thefts in 2016 and 2017 led Austin-Travis County EMS to implement the security tools.
Brewster Ambulance Service will be implementing the device as a hands-free way to remind them of their standing orders.
The woman jumped into the ambulance while paramedics were transferring a patient into California Hospital Medical Center.
The "clean cab" idea is to facilitate a clean, safe environment by reducing exposure to contaminants.