Care Flight Staff Members Recognized for Advanced Care Capabilities

Care Flight Staff Members Recognized for Advanced Care Capabilities

Press Release Jan 19, 2018

RENO, Nev.—In December, Care Flight awarded 20 of its critical care medical team members with recognition for advanced study, skills and achievements. They earned their “wings.”

The ever-changing world of medicine has placed more and more requirements for training, skills and education on medical professionals, especially in critical care. Care Flight medical staff members must pass rigorous pre-hire testing and evaluations, and one of the most intensive and thorough orientation programs lasting months. They then must complete final written and skills testing to clear orientation. Only after all this has been successfully completed do the candidates officially earn their wings and the title of flight nurse, flight paramedic, or critical care technicians as a member of Care Flight’s critical care transport team.

“These individuals have proven their ability to think critically, act decisively, remain calm in stressful situations and deliver outstanding care and compassion to their patients,” said Ron Walter, Care Flight’s executive director.

The Care Flight professionals who earned their wings:

Jacob Beck, Flight Paramedic; Christina Medefesser, Flight Nurse; Jaime Friedlander, Flight Nurse; Chad Midgley, Flight Paramedic; Shawna Greer, Flight Nurse; Geoff Rockhey, Flight Nurse; Michael Hayes, Flight Nurse; Jamie Sharenbrock, Flight Nurse; Wendye Markowitz, Flight Paramedic; Brent Tracy, Flight Paramedic; and Katrina Travis, Flight Paramedic.

The Helicopter Maintenance Professionals who earned their one year Care Flight pins are: Russell Bradberry, Helicopter Mechanic; Dan Haverson, Helicopter Mechanic; Eric Mouritsen, Helicopter Mechanic; and Neil Notley, Helicopter Mechanic.

Additionally, three Care Flight staff members earned a five-year Flight Wing honor: Chad Adair, Helicopter Pilot; Tama Dixon, Flight Nurse; and Mark Geenan, Helicopter Mechanic. 

Two persons earned their 15-year Flight Wing honor: Tim Anderson, Helicopter Pilot; and Chris Cattell, Helicopter Pilot.

Care Flight’s critical care transport program had three honorees in the Critical Care Technician category for special service to the organization: Sara Patrick, Christopher Thompson and Joshua von Aspern. 

Four persons received honors as aviation communications specialists—staff who take calls from Care Flight’s requesters, dispatch Care Flight aircraft and vehicles, ensure that all aircraft are tracked, and that flight staff is provided with appropriate resources depending on the needs of requesters and patients. They are: Kevin Baker, Matt Formby, Melissa Leist and Shelly Park.

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The annual Care Flight Safety award went to Andrew Mendenhall, aviation communications specialist.

The Aviation Communications Specialist of the Year award went to Kyle Leslie.

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