Emergency Reporting Offers Enhanced LOSAP Tracking Tools

Emergency Reporting Offers Enhanced LOSAP Tracking Tools

Press Release Jan 24, 2018

1/24/18, Bellingham, WA — Emergency Reporting (ER) has made the LOSAP tracking process simple by introducing enhanced, customizable LOSAP tracking features to users of their Fire and EMS Records Management Solution (RMS). A Length of Service Awards Program (LOSAP) is similar to a retirement program but is intended specifically for first response organizations, and helps many agencies secure the volunteers they need to operate. For many local heroes, it is a well-deserved reward and is an important piece of their financial future. To receive LOSAP benefits, properly tracking hours and attendance to events that qualify is vital, but historically that task has proven to be complicated and tedious.

There are many different LOSAP programs that vary across states and localities. ER’s recent updates make it possible to customize fields, reports and requirements based on each agency’s needs. The LOSAP administrator for the account can create unlimited personnel categories with which an individual can earn LOSAP points. It is a highly flexible feature, with custom reports and functionality that exceed the offerings of similar products on the market.

Today, over 125,000 authorized users from nearly 6,000 first response agencies around the globe use Emergency Reporting. Many of those users belong to volunteer or partially volunteer fire departments, which have their own unique budgetary needs and concerns. Existing customers have the option to upgrade their accounts to include the new enhanced LOSAP features at no additional cost by clicking here, or visiting http://info.emergencyreporting.com/losap.

After a year of tremendous growth in 2017, ER is now proud to offer customers more unique training opportunities, functional partnerships with seamless software integrations, and upcoming feature enhancements than ever before. Of course, there are a few things that haven’t changed. ER still provides:

  • Fully-integrated NFIRS and NEMSIS 3 reporting

  • Unlimited concurrent user access

  • Military grade security standards

  • Web access from anywhere, anytime

  • World-class customer support

    To get a free trial of Emergency Reporting today, please click here. You can also join us for one of our monthly webinars or request more information from a local sales representative.

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