Crestline Awarded $22 Million Contract for Calgary Transit Community Fleet

Crestline Awarded $22 Million Contract for Calgary Transit Community Fleet

Press Release Feb 13, 2018

Feb. 13, 2018—Crestline Coach, Canadian supplier of small to mid-sized buses and ambulance and specialty vehicle manufacturer, secured a 5-year contract with a $22 million dollar order representing the first year commitment to renew Calgary Transit’s community shuttle fleet. The renewal will ensure safe, accessible and comfortable transportation for all Calgary Transit passengers.

Crestline partnered with ARBOC Specialty Vehicles, a New Flyer company, to structure a turnkey solution for Calgary’s fleet replacement project around the ARBOC Spirit of Freedom (SOF) model. This low floor community shuttle bus is highly accessible for all passengers, including those with limited mobility. Through its low floor entry and fully flat floor design, the SOF offers a wide range of motion and maneuverability for its wheelchair passengers. Non-wheelchair passengers also enjoy a safe and comfortable ride in the theatre-style seating, which ensures greater visibility. The sleek design allows operators to easily navigate narrow streets, reaching neighborhoods and providing specialized transit services, where standard sized buses cannot access. 

Crestline’s in-house engineering staff worked closely with Calgary’s technical team to streamline the integration of various electrical components and sub-systems, which is the backbone of Calgary’s fleet management infrastructure. The clean, integrated design ensures ease of accessibility to key systems for operators and technicians.

With the goal of providing Calgary with a turnkey solution, which allows new additions to their fleet to move seamlessly from delivery into service, Crestline’s 80,000 square foot specialty vehicle manufacturing facility in Saskatoon will be responsible for electrical installation and electrical system validation along with final vehicle preparation for all units prior to delivery to Calgary. Crestline’s broad specialty vehicle design and manufacturing capabilities uniquely positions the company to support large fleet operations like Calgary Transit who are looking to streamline their vehicle commissioning process while reducing costs. Crestline is also handling all activities surrounding the decommissioning of Calgary’s retired fleet.

Calgary Transit’s mission is to connect their passengers with the people and places they care about by providing safe, accessible, and courteous public transportation services. For more information on Calgary Transit, please visit

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