Foundation Ambulance Receives Transit Ambulance Certification

Foundation Ambulance Receives Transit Ambulance Certification

Press Release Feb 13, 2018

Feb. 13, 2018—Foundation Ambulance, Inc. has received certification on the Type II Transit Ambulance platform from Environmental Testing Laboratory, Inc. in Dallas, TX. This testing fully meets Federal KKK-1822-F certification requirements as well as compliance with CAAS Standards.

"Foundation is proud to announce certification on our Transit Ambulance. This certification ensures the end user is receiving a safe ambulance that meets the Federal guidelines and requirements set forth by Federal KKK-1822-F as well as CAAS. We have very high manufacturing standards at Foundation Ambulance and we are proud to be providing a quality ambulance at a fair price. With all of the changes in today’s ambulance industry, we aim to be your source for custom crafted ambulances that are not mass produced by the big-box manufacturers."

Foundation Ambulance, Inc. is a certified, woman-owned small business in Fayetteville, Georgia that remounts ambulances from all manufacturers as well as manufacturing their own brand of Type II Van Ambulances. The employees of Foundation have worked together for decades as the former largest remounter for a quarter of a century. Foundation manufactures 100% of the process in-house including metal fabrication, cabinetry, electrical, upholstery, paint and graphics.

"We are proud to be partnered with some of the industries finest individuals who represent our core values of honesty and integrity. Foundation has a dealer network that currently spans 11 states with 14 service centers throughout the Southeast."

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