Orlando Health Implements Nation-Reunification Program for International Patients

Bay Medical Sacred Heart received the Mission: Lifeline Silver Plus Receiving Quality Achievement Award for its quality and timely treatment of heart attacks and strokes.
On 62 occasions last year, police requested often unnecessary sedations, resulting in some patients experiencing respiratory or heart failures.
Drones that deliver AEDs to cardiac arrest victims are being tested in the U.S. and elsewhere.
Your brain and senses are all you need to get started.
To combat the opioid epidemic, doctors can now select "non-opiate" as a treatment option for patients on their electronic care plan system.
Due to a lack of medical aid and inadequate relief efforts in the storm's aftermath, an estimated 4,645 people died—not 64.
In celebration of National EMS Week last month, National EMS gave back to the agencies dedicated to serving their communities.
An arbitration system will help settle out-of-network bills for patients, but some fear it will encourage providers to stay out-of-network to receive higher reimbursements.
The clinic is raising the bar for safe IV ketamine infusion therapy for patients suffering from chronic pain, depression, suicidality, and other mood disorders.
Loose particulate matter found on the plunger can potentially cause internal allergic reactions and local irritation.
Angie Knannlein-Rahman, a high school track coach and nurse, ran to shotput thrower Adam Riedinger's aid when he collapsed during a championship meet.
While immediate CPR helps improve SCA survivors' brain functions, more research is needed to know how to best treat those who suffer from brain damage.
Ray Kemp's production "Not My Addiction" recounts recovering drug addicts' battles with addiction to help first responders better understand these struggling patients.
A grant-funded pilot program will allow EMS providers to give Narcan to overdose patients who refuse transport to the hospital.
Researchers say stigma and cost are some reasons why only one in four pharmacies in the state have dispensed the drug.