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Emergency Reporting Releases Web App to Track Apparatus Fuel Usage

Feb. 28, 2018—Emergency Reporting (ER) is offering customers who already have the Maintenance Module a new web app, FuelER. This app helps first responders easily and efficiently track fuel usage on their mobile devices for each apparatus used by their department to comply with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and follow best practices for fuel documentation. It is available now at

Many fire/rescue departments have fuel tanks at each station, and EPA regulations require documentation that captures the amount of fuel going into the fuel tanks to ensure that it is the same as the amount of fuel being used. Discrepancies between the input and output numbers for fuel volume can lead to fines and a costly investigation to find any leaks that may be present.

FuelER is designed to make it easy for each crew to keep track of their fuel usage. Rather than having to write down odometer readings and fuel volume to take back to the station and input later, first responders can now quickly pull up FuelER on their phones or tablets (any device that connects to a web browser), enter in their information, and have it automatically sync into their Emergency Reporting Records Management System.

This kind of detailed tracking and visibility into fuel usage allows department leaders to accurately predict what the delivery cycles of fuel to stations should be, and to control and document cost per apparatus. FuelER will make it easy to tell when there is a problem occurring, such as theft, or to ensure that fuel usage is documented regularly and accurately.

“This product uses top of the line technology and has a clean, simple user interface that our customers love,” stated Stewart Smith, Product Owner at ER. “It means fewer clicks, time savings, easy fuel analytics, and being inspection-ready at all times. The software development technique and strategy that went into FuelER is how we consistently create products for first responders that are practical and useful, while also being a joy to use. As a former firefighter of 20 years, I appreciate that we take the suggestions of our customers seriously and continue to grow and improve our software.”

It’s simple to save a web app icon to a mobile device just like any app that can be downloaded on Android or iOS. To log in to FuelER and use the app, use an existing ER user name and password, select the apparatus that already exists in the ER system, and save the crucial data after inputting it. That entry will then be visible in the core Emergency Reporting Records Management Software as a completed maintenance request and as an entry in the Daily Log. The app is meant to work in conjunction with the Maintenance Module, so ER users who do not currently have that will not be able to use FuelER at this time.

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